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UPVC Door Locks

UPVC Door Locks
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You’ll be glad to learn that problems with UPVC door locks are not particularly common. The not so good news is that they are usually quite serious. That is why they require fast solution. 

Broken UPVC Door

UPVC Door Locks in UKUsually, the lock is actually broken. The locking mechanism is the most vulnerable as it is very delicate. When it’s broken, it has to be replaced right away. The new component has to match the door’s size and thickness precisely. A broken cylinder is typically the result of burglary attempt. The sooner it is replaced with a snap-resistant device the better. When a hinge is broken the door and frame will be misaligned and closing won’t be possible. The installation of a new hinge will solve the problem. 

UPVC Lock Change

The lockset includes a cylinder and a locking mechanism plus a strike receiver. When one of these components has failed, the lock repair involves replacing it. However, when all of them are worn or outdated, full change is required. This is an opportunity to upgrade to a more secure lockset. The perfect cylinder should meet the current British Standards. It should have features preventing snapping, drilling and picking. The ideal replacement mechanism not only matches the door’s thickness, but has at least two points. Bolts and hooks are better than mushrooms and rollers.

Door Adjustment 

When the deadbolt hits the strike receiver instead of getting into the hole, the receiver should be checked for loosening and damage. Aligning it and tightening the screws should solve the problem. If the misalignment occurs because of the hinges, they will need inspection and repair. Bent hinges can usually be straightened with the right repair techniques. If not, they have to be changed. If the weather strips are loose and don’t allow the door to get fully closed, they should be replaced. 

If you have a malfunctioning or damaged UPVC lock or door, let us solve the problem professionally. At Car Lockout London, we offer repair, replacement and adjustment services. To get the ideal fix fast, call us or leave a note.

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